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Integrating main, "non-us" ftp site

If I attempt to do a dselect install via ftp from a local mirror which
has both the main debian distribution as well as the "non-US" stuff, it
doesn't work.  Not without jumping through some serious hoops, at any

The problem is that the Packages file on the non-US site do not follow
the same conventions as the packages file on the main ftp site.

For bo, the "main" Packages file contains entries like
  "Filename: stable/binary-i386/x11/9fonts_1-4.deb"
  "Filename: bo/binary-i386/bzip_0.21-3.deb"

For hamm, the "main" Packages file contains entries like 
  "Filename: dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/text/2utf_1.01.deb",
  but the non-US site's Packages file contains entries like
  "Filename: hamm/binary-i386/apache-ssl_1.2.4+1.11-2.deb"

I understand (I think) why this is the way it is, but it makes it
impossible to use a symlink to get at the non-US stuff via ftp (using
dselect).  I don't have any great ideas for the bo links, but if the
non-US site kept its files in "dists/unstable/non-us" life would be a
lot easier.

Any chance there will be a solution forthcoming, or do I need to shut up
and hack the Packages files on my mirror?  (Easy to do but mirror will
be pissed).

If no one else has any interest in doing anything like this then it's
not worth implementing, I suppose.

Nathan Norman
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