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Re: Is there a maintainer for the install doc?

On Thu 08 Jan 1998, Igor Grobman wrote:
> Any more suggestions?

I think it would be sensible to fix the ftp site. There is a
debian/upgrades directory that contains hopelessly out-of-date info.
Beginning of the README says:

    /debian/upgrades contains files needed by users upgrading from Debian
    0.93R6 to Debian 1.1.  There are two ways to upgrade:

That directory was where I first looked for instructions to upgrade from
bo to hamm (just after thinking about becoming a developer, and hearing
that I needed to upgrade).  It's a bit unsettling to find such old docs
there...  Things like the libc5-libc6 howto and the script that's being
developed now should end up in there.

Paul Slootman
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