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Re: Is there a maintainer for the install doc?

> > One change that is needed is to change lines such as
> > <A HREF="ftp:rawrite2.exe">rawrite2.exe</A>
> > to
> > <A HREF="rawrite2.exe">rawrite2.exe</A>
> I am afraid this is the shortcoming of debiandoc-sgml which generates the text 
> and html versions.  Should I manually (using a script) change the URLs after 
> generating the html version?
I'd really appreciate it. I am currently just linking the ftp version
as I have to make changes every time the doc is updated.

> Ok, suggestions recorded.  I also plan to heavily modify the bootdisk install 
> instructions.  From my experience with helping people on #debian and 
> debian-user, the instructions are not clear enough.  Another thing I want to 
> add is a section describing PPP setup (or maybe at least point to relevant 
> docs) since it seems to be the most frequently asked newbie question.
> Any more suggestions?
Yeah. Make the install auto-detect and configure all known and future hardware
automatically. After that there are a few small wars I'd like you to end.

- Jay

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