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Re: Moving topics from debian-private (was Re: SPI money out)

On Dec 16, 1997, at 17:59, Tyson Dowd wrote:
 > On 16-Dec-1997, bruce@va.debian.org <bruce@va.debian.org> wrote:
 > > > I would also like to suggest a print or two.  I do not know if this
 > > > idea would actually make money, but I would buy one.
 > > 
 > > Uh-oh, you moved this topic from the other mailing list. Consider your
 > > knuckles rapped :-) No harm done this time, but be careful.
 > This is almost certainly caused by people replying to mail, then
 > realizing that they are replying to the author, not the list, and so
 > manually changing the mail headers, and accidentally sending it
 > to the wrong list. 
 > A couple of us discussed this (and other problems with the mailing
 > list), in the thread "Duplicate messages on this list" in debian-devel
 > about a week ago and eventually came to a standstill where most people
 > in the discussion were happy with the following solution:
 > 	Set the mailing lists up so that the headers are munged
 > 	in the following way:
 > 		From -> Sender  
 > 		Reply-To -> From 
 > 		Reply-To: debian-foo@...                                         
 > So 
 > 	To: debian-foo@lists.debian.org
 > 	From: me@somemachine.org
 > 	Reply-To: me@home.org
 > Becomes
 > 	To: debian-foo@lists.debian.org
 > 	From: me@home.org
 > 	Reply-To: debian-foo@lists.debian.org
 > This will remove the need for so many CCs on the lists (which many
 > people with expensive net access hate), stop replies from moving into
 > private email from default (which is both good and bad), still allows
 > people behind broken firewalls and things use Reply-To: effectively,
 > and most importantly make it difficult to accidentally move
 > a topic from debian-private to anywhere else (which happens too often
 > to feel safe about it).

Let me just add that, while completely agreeing that something like
this must be done, the agreement we reached on that thread was
something like this (suggested by Carl Mummert):

 > Assuming no Sender line, or Sender = From,  I believe that the following 
 > mapping is compliant with the standard:
 > >From -> Sender  (Sender is omitted if 
 > 		it is the same as From, 
 >                 but it's not, anymore)
 > Reply-To -> From (So From, as the rfc wants, shows the
 >                  which machine the message came from)
 > Reply-To: debian-foo@...
 > In other words, 
 > ( reply-to == "debian-foo..." ? noop : 
 >     (From == Sender || Sender == "") ? 
 >       Sender = from, from = reply-to, 
 >       reply-to = debian-foo :
 >         x-old-sender = sender, sender = from, 
 >         from = reply-to, reply-to = debian-foo )

This is the solution that seemed to please everyone. I didn't know who
to pester with this (I started the thread); now I know and have done
it... Thanks in advance for implementing this policy.

 > I feel confident that procmail or sendmail can do this munging.


 > (I've CC:ed this mail to debian-policy and the listmaster, hopefully 
 > if there are no problems with this solution we can implement it).

I did the same.

 >        Tyson Dowd

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