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Re: ppp's ip-{up,down} and possible utilization of 'run-parts'

> So do I. I first asked Christoph for this back in the spring, and I've since 
> asked Phil Hands about it when he took over the package and I've seen nothing
> happen yet..

It's on my TODO list.  I was intending to release a package including this 
this evening, but I've just wasted a couple of hours trying to get MSCHAP to 
do something useful :-(  (BTW has anyone got this stuff working ?).

Anyway, I may have chance to do something about it tomorrow.

On a related topic:
I thought I'd call the PAM-free ppp package ppp-base, like perl-base.
I'm still not sure about the best way to do this though.  It looks like the 
only thing that needs to be different is the pppd binary, so:

Should I make ppp contain only the pppd with PAM binary, and have it depend on 
ppp-base (which would contain most of the rest of ppp), and use alternates on 
pppd ?

Cheers, Phil.

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