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Re: too many directories in /usr/doc?

> I'm taking over maintaining the linux-gazette packages from Christian
> Schwarz, and I would prefer to just have /usr/doc/lg/copyright, rather than
> having one in each /usr/doc/lg-issueXX directory. There will not be anything
> else in /usr/doc/lg-issueXX as the issues are installed in /usr/doc/lg.
> This seems the most reasonable to me, as it saves having sixteen
> directories. I've just looked at the X stuff and it has loads of
> directories, each with a copyright file in it. Hmmm.
I'm surprised that there isn't a single directory, /usr/doc/lg, that contains
all the issues. If people feel that it would be an abuse of policy not
to have a /usr/doc entry for each issue, then simply make them a soft link
into /usr/doc/lg.

- Jay

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