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RFC: Deb 2.0 testing process

Hello everyone,
   The testers are starting to think about how to organized the 2.0
testing effort.  One idea that the testers seemed to like is to create a
checklist for checking each package.  Before we just checked to see if the
packages installed and if the entire system seemed to work correctly.
This time we plan on being a bit more thurough, but it will require a bit
of help from the developers.  What I would like to do is keep a list of
checklist for all the packages in a format similar to the packages.gz
file.  I'd like to create the initial checklist from what the maintainers
advice.  I don't expect it to be complicated, e.g.

Package: xbiff (assuming there is a package for this single binary)
 - by default it checks the users mailbox
 - switches display, geometry, file, update, volume, bg, fg, rv, and shape

This list can be added to by anyone.  What I'd like to ask for now is any
comments on this.  Please do NOT send any checklist at this time.  After a
few weeks, I'll post a request for the list, and inform everyone of the
final decision.


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