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Priorities before hamm release


After RedHat 5.0 got released we noticably increased reatre of package
conversion and this is extremely good. The sooner hamm is relesed the
better. But we might consider other opprtunities to *increase* our
"market share" in current situation. The problem with RH 5.0 is that there
are not that many commercial and even pre-compiled free applications and
development environments for libc6 nowdays. This will change but not
immediately. Users encoutered with this might consider falling back to
some libc5-based  distribution for some time. And *up to date* 
Debian 1.3.1 could very well be the distribution of choice.
But only *if* we provide updated versions of the packages.

Can't we finally decide that the creation of this "libc5-updates"
directory has higher priority *now* than putting some order with
hamm uploads. Developers are anyway accustomed to  download new packages
directly from Incoming. What do you think about asking Guy to put that
on top of his list?


Alex Y.
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