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Re: Red Hat 5.0 Release date

>>>>> "Bruce" == Bruce Perens <bruce@debian.org> writes:

    Bruce> 1. Building a set of boot floppies, and sending the patches
    Bruce> back to Sven. I would probably also build a binary kernel
    Bruce> package or three if someone else doesn't. We need zImage
    Bruce> and bzImage kernels for this release. Also, I would build a
    Bruce> 2.1.65 (or higher) package because it has some devices and
    Bruce> stuff the 2.0 kernel is lacking.

Right. Are we planning on basing 2.0 around the 2.0.32 kernel?
Offering 2.0.29, 2.0.30, and 2.0.31 packages?

    Bruce> 2. Building a boot floppy especially for the CD-ROM. This
    Bruce> is because the CD boot is a floppy disk image in a
    Bruce> file. This one would be: A. 2.88MB in size.  B. A minix or
    Bruce> ROMFS filesystem.  C. Using LILO for the boot block.
    Bruce> D. Containing either more than one kernel, or modules.

How did you do this for the Official image? The same way?

    Bruce> 4. Writing a shell-and-dialog hack that would run dpkg
    Bruce> --set-selections to set common configurations for your
    Bruce> Debian system and install them, saving the common man from
    Bruce> having to run dselect. Should have done this in 1.3 .

Definitely. Would the selections be on the base floppies, perhaps
installed into /etc/selections/ or something?

    Bruce> What exactly do you propose to do with the network
    Bruce> configuration?

Well, as it stands, the questions are quite vague.

A PPP-only computer should select the 'Not on a network' option, but
most people with PPP would think their computer is on a network.

Similarly, we need to accentuate the fact that Debian can be installed
completely over PPP, without any CD-ROM at all!

I'd just like to clean up the current network configuration, and make
sure whatever program does the network configuration is available
later on the system (a'la modconf) -- that's the only big gripe I've
always had with Debian, that it had no netconfig program.


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