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Re: social contract

> First it was procps patches kept private. The original author
> had to take it back so that non-Debian systems could have
> a good version.
> Now I hear sysvinit is also being kept private.
> Is it really that hard to upload to sunsite.unc.edu and
> tsx-11.mit.edu in standard .tar.gz format? (maybe you could
> substitute .cpio.bzip2 if you like that better, but NOT .deb)
> Nobody expects an .rpm, which wouldn't be fair to Slackware
> and do-it-yourself users anyway.
> If there is anything else you are hiding, please upload it
> to sunsite.unc.edu and tsx-11.mit.edu right now.
While it may be true that a few maintainers have neglected to
send changes to the upstream author, that is far from some
conspiracy on the part of Debian as a whole. You make it sound
like we, as a group, are consciously withholding changes from
the rest of the free software world.

Instead of pointing out a few mistakes, maybe you should look
at the rather large number of packages that have benefited from
changes submitted by Debian maintainers. Additionally, there
has been a concerted effort by many maintainers to convince
authors of software to change to a more friendly license.

If you want conspiracies, please check out alt.conspiracy.

- Jay

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