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Re: non-DFSG section and CD distributers

> Leland Olds <olds@eskimo.com> writes:
> > (I think the sometimes venomous opposition to Qt is a result of this
> > fear.  Motif seems to be perceived as less of a threat, so it is
> > slightly more tolerated, even though it's licensing is more
> > restrictive than Qt's.)
> I think the fact that there is a free alternative already available
> and that motif has no pretenses about being free software probably
> have something to do with it.

Well, who's license is more restrictive is a big question. 
For Motif, you pay the same price for using the libraries and
for developing commercial software, and licensing is on per-machine basis.
As for Qt, it licenses *per-developer* and charges much more.

Alex Y.
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