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Re: tclmidi namespace pollution and xlib6g problems

On Nov 10, Will Lowe wrote
> I'm fixing a reported bug in which my tclmidi package installs
> /usr/bin/minfo,  which is a filename also used by mtools.
> I'll therefore need to change the name of tclmidi's minfo to something
> else.  The upstream author prefers to keep the filename the same,  but
> said he could understand my position and didn't really care what I changed
> it to.  Should I try something like midiinfo?  or tclmidiinfo?  The
> latter seems more descriptive but kinda long ...

midiinfo seems the best choice - as long as nothing else uses it :-)

> Also,  it now seems possible to install both xlib6 and xlib6g,  with the
> result that a few packages I've made recently depend on both.  Is this a
> bug?  I was under the impression that the <packagename>g versions were
> merely the libc6 ones,  but I'm probably wrong.

Check /etc/dpkg/shlibs.default and change things which say "xlib6 (>=3.2)"
into xlib6g. I think it was xaw3d which did this - maybe you should try
upgrading this to the latest version and then installing xaw3dg.


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