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tclmidi namespace pollution and xlib6g problems

I'm fixing a reported bug in which my tclmidi package installs
/usr/bin/minfo,  which is a filename also used by mtools.

I'll therefore need to change the name of tclmidi's minfo to something
else.  The upstream author prefers to keep the filename the same,  but
said he could understand my position and didn't really care what I changed
it to.  Should I try something like midiinfo?  or tclmidiinfo?  The
latter seems more descriptive but kinda long ...

Also,  it now seems possible to install both xlib6 and xlib6g,  with the
result that a few packages I've made recently depend on both.  Is this a
bug?  I was under the impression that the <packagename>g versions were
merely the libc6 ones,  but I'm probably wrong.


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