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Re: tclmidi namespace pollution and xlib6g problems

ioannis@flinet.com wrote:

>  The xlib6g package Conflicts with xlib6 (<< 3.3-5) ; therefore, I guess
>  that packages should be compiled with both xlib6 and xlib6g .
>  Could someone confirm that this is true, I was going to file bug reports
>  on some packages that depend on both xlib6 and xlib6g, but would rather
>  first make sure if I should.

Someone who wants to install xlib6g must first upgrade xlib6 to at
least version 3.3-5.  This is because xlib6 3.3-5 moves the
libc5-based library files out of the way so that xlib6g can install in
/usr/X11R6/lib.  There is no real conflict between the two packages,
the Conflicts entry is used to enforce this upgrade path.

There used to be a bug (I have no idea where) that caused packages
compiled with xlib6g to also have a dependency on xlib6.  All these
packages need to be updated.

Richard Braakman

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