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Re: modems

> > I just installed Linux 2 days ago and am trying to get a grasp on this
> > new operating system.  My question is, in exterem detail, can anyone
> > xplain to me how to access my ISP.  I have a web browser(Arena)
> > installed and my modem is  on Com2.  Please help!!	
> What's this got to do with debian-devel(opment)?
> Maybe you should post this to debian-user?

hey, be friendly!  (maybe he figured the developers were sure to know...)  how 
can we expect people to use Debian if we turn away their requests for help...  
If anyone can help this guy out better then me, feel free to make fun of my 
answer below and send on your own reply.

thanks, :^)

  Although I have never set up a modem with Debian Linux, I have helped a 
couple friends get theirs working.  I also felt that one of the developer's 
should post you a _pleasent_ response.  Debian comes pre-installed to want to 
try to use ppp.  Look at the script /etc/init.d/ppp for details.  And then, 
you will need to configure some information in the following files:


You will have to be root to edit these files because, for your ppp paswords 
sake, these files can't be read or written to by anyone except thr root user.

hope you get it working...  happy linuxing!

Brought to you by the letters E and K and the number 9.

Paul J. Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

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