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Re: modems

> > What's this got to do with debian-devel(opment)?
> > Maybe you should post this to debian-user?
> > 
> > 
> hey, be friendly!  (maybe he figured the developers were sure to know...)

Maybe he did. But then he is abusing the developpers. 
Sorry, but after a long time on debian-*, it seems there are two
kinds of people: those that realy don't want to disturb the developpers
(or other authors) unless they really really are sure they've got noone
else to ask, and those who just think "hey, I've got a problem. Let's
ask the author of the programme".

The second group often doesn't tend to much writing or other work themselves.
I've got nothing against newbies, or other less capable people becoming
users of debian. And if someone asks "stupid" questions on debian-user,
I may (if I know the answer) well reply with the answer. 
But I do have something against people that just abuse maintainers.
And I think anyone who "figures maybe the developers are sure to know,
let's aks them, not debian-user" _is_ an abuser. Note, that I'm not
saying the guy himself is one for sure, maybe he really didn't know
debian-devel was for development. But the excuse you showed above really
doesn't cut it, in my opinion.

>  how 
> can we expect people to use Debian if we turn away their requests for help...  
I don't turn them away. I tell him that there is a better place to ask this.
And really, he should ask it there (debian-user), and I really think he
shouldn't be rewarded for abusing the developers.

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

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