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Re: Xforms and FL [Was: Re: GPL vs. Motif]

Thanks for the reference :-)
I looked at FL.  It looks pretty neat (is anyone packaging it for
Debian?), but it is not an XForms cloning project:

(Taken from http://www.cinenet.net/users/spitzak/fl/forms.html)

   Although libFL was initially compatable with the GL Forms library
   (version 0.3 or so), XForms has bloated severely and it's interface is
   X specific. Therefore, XForms compatability is no longer a goal of
   libFL. I did put in anything that was free, or that would add code
   that would not be linked in if the feature is unused. I did not add
   anything that would make the FL objects bigger, or that used X types
   as arguments.

So I'm afraid this would mean porting LyX to FL rather than the other
way around, which probably involves so many changes that it should
be considered a forked version.

Richard Braakman

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