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Re: Policy mailing lists

>>"Greg" == Greg Vence <gvence@bellsouth.net> writes:

Greg> Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>>  In other words, you do not like the debian-policy mailing list. I
>> do not blame you. I did not like the explosion either. But it _was_
>> decided to have the policy matters moved to the policy list, and I
>> think we gotta live with it.
Greg> Actually, its great if someone wants to look over the shoulder's
Greg> and read it.  However, if you've already got limited time then
Greg> reading every list to see if something impacts your packages is
Greg> unreasonable.

	This is a slight stretch. I counted 33 Debian lists the last
 time I looked. I'm not subscribed to all of them, and I do not need
 to be. I think taht debian-devel, debian-policy, debian-private,
 debian-bugs-dist, and debian-devel-announce is all I need to
 read. That is 5 lists. 

	I personally also add on debian-user and debian-announce, but
 that is a far cry from having to read 33 lists. ;-)

	I do realize that maintaing packages for Debian takes time. I
 think I knew this when I signed up. ;-(

Greg> BTW, I thought the final decisions were to be made through the
Greg> debian-devel from proposals of debian-policy.

	I do not recall this being the case.


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