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Re: policy on editor/pager support

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> This seems much more complex than necessary. I don't see any
Dale> reason that EDITOR and PAGER can't be guaranteed to exist on the
Dale> system. (Have the base system provide them in /etc/profile)

	Do all shells run /etc/profile? 

Dale> The update-alternatives method requires that the program as
Dale> permission to install itself as the "default", adding additional
Dale> questions to the installation proceedure.

	Maybe we change policy that the link be installed only when
 there is none present, and provide instructions (or a simple script)
 to change the symlinks as needed.

Dale> It is my feeling that this policy was not discussed in an
Dale> adequate fashion. The fact that it made it into the policy
Dale> manual without much review is troublesome to me. We need a
Dale> better method for solidifying a proposed policy than the one we
Dale> are using at the moment.

	I disagree. It was discussed, a proposal was made, and it
 appeared in the weekly policy summary. If people do not choose to
 subscribe to the policy list they have voluntarily given up their
 right to affect policy. (Why do you think we have a policy list?)


 "Just because you understand what something should look like doesn't
 mean you know how to build it." karl@neosoft.com
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