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Re: Why does sendmail depend on procmail?

Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:
> This would be the best solution, but deliver and procmail have
> different command-line options. sendmail.cf reads:
>                 A=deliver -r $g $u
> for deliver, and
>                 A=procmail -Y -a $h -d $u
> for procmail.
> Should deliver/procmail postinst change sendmail configuration
> automatically? Should deliver/procmail postinst force a sendmail
> reconfigure? If we do this, why not for the other MTAs?
> Maybe we need a new (real, not virtual) package "mda-base" to manage
> all this? [ I had some ideas about this, see bug #11655 ].

Someone else suggested a /usr/sbin/mda wrapper installed by each mda's
package using the usual alternative method.
You could agree on its interface in sendmail.cf; something like that:

>                 A=/usr/sbin/mda $g $h $u

and deliver's mda :

>                 deliver -r $1 $3

while procmail's mda:

>                 procmail -Y -a $2 -d $3

(please, check sintax)

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