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Re: Shrinking the "base" section

Sven Rudolph writes:
 > For your case: How much space will be needed for kbd? Which files do
 > you plan to add to kbd?

I do not want to *add* files, but I think many files could be taken
out. What would be needed is just:

* loadkeys
* all keymaps
* setfont
* one font (eg. 16 scanlines) matching the language of the boot-floppy

This will just spare ~500Kb (unpacked) of fonts, plus all the other
binaries that would be taken out of base.

 > In general the size of base isn't critical. Most people don't install
 > base from floppies anymore. 

It's been a long time I didn't install a Debian machine from
scratch... this may explain my outdated concerns ;)

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