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Re: kde and files location

> > >> No, this is not correct. We, as Debian, *Never* put things under
> > >> /opt. Other people (not Debian) do. Software on Debian FTP sites
> > >> *never* goes into /opt. This seems a clear and objective
> > >> distinction.
> >
> > Brian> Where should the netscape installer put the files from the
> > Brian> original netscape archive?
> >
> >       Hmm. Well, the original netscape files are not part of Debian,
> >  it is a binaty only distribution anyway (I don't know if that is
> >  relevant), so the installer may legitimately put netscape under
> >  /opt. I think.
> I'd say you can either install into /opt or into the current location. As
> long as you adapt the paths and check that it integrates into Debian well
> without filename conflicts (it's fine as it is now) I don't have a problem
> with installing it into /usr/X11R6/bin.

I'll leave it as it is, then, since at least two other packages know of
/usr/lib/netscape in some capacity.

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