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Re: /dev/vcs* perms (was: Re: should fte provide /usr/bin/editor?)

Miquel van Smoorenburg writes:
 > >Login does something different: it can optionally put someone who logs in
 > >in certain groups. In /etc/login.defs I have the following line:
 > >
 > >CONSOLE_GROUPS          floppy:audio:cdrom
 > >
 > >This puts everyone who logs in on the console in groups floppy, audio and
 > >cdrom. Now if only xdm could do the same for everyone who logs in on
 > >the local console...
 > So, I can login on the console, copy a shell to /tmp, and do:
 > chgrp audio /tmp/bash
 > chmod 2775 /tmp/bash
 > and then I can use /dev/audio (+cdrom+floppy) even when I'm not logged
 > in on the console.
 > Looks like a security hole to me.

Sure. Maybe it should be better to mix the 2 ideas; ie. hacking PAM,
but to make it handle the perms in /dev (ala Solaris or so) instead of
the group. That's exactly what we want, anyway.

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