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Re: /dev/vcs* perms (was: Re: should fte provide /usr/bin/editor?)

On Fri, Sep 19, 1997 at 10:48:43AM -0400, Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> Well, this all depends on your situation, and it isn't enabled by default
> (at least not on my system).  If your computer is always behind locked
> doors, then only the few people who normally have access can do this
> (which you should somewhat trust).  If your system isn't behind locked
> doors, then this is the least of your security concerns.  It's a
> convienence.

The problem with the groups-approach is that it pretends to add security.
Obviously, it doesn't do this, but sombody who doesn't think too much about
the implications of CONSOLE_GROUPS might get fooled (as it happend to me
before my first mail).

So the /etc/logindevperms solution seems to be much better, IMHO. You might
get problems if there are different people logged in on different VCs, but
how often does this happen in reality? Also, in that case you're probably
not worried about security and can turn off /etc/logindevperms.

> I personally enjoy playing sound effects on other computers
> in our sun lab (you should see the other users reaction when their
> computer starts mooing :-)

You might find this cool, but I definitely don't want anybody to be able to
do `cat /dev/audio' and listen to anything in my room.

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