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Re: Once again: libc6 packages compatibility etc...

Philippe Troin <phil@fifi.org> writes:

> Is that correct (including the `g' placement) ?

Actually I placed the `g' before the version in my package.  What is
the correct way to do this?  What is Redhat doing?

> Is it acceptable that libfoo5 depends on libfoo5g ? I think so 
> because:
>   1) When upgrading, dselect will automagically grab the libc6 library
>   2) Some documentation for example can be put in libfoo5g only.

No, it is unacceptable.  When upgrading, dselect will NOT grab the
libc6 library as its name is different.  The documentation is
cosmetic.  The dependency should in fact be *reversed* - libfoo5g
should depend on libfoo5.  libfoo5 files will be overwritten by
libfoo5g files which will break binaries on the system.

> Is it acceptable that libfoo5-altdev depends on libfoo5g-dev ?
> My reasons are:
>   1) The library manpages can be put in the libfoo5g-dev package.

Yes, that's correct.

> And finally, for seldomly used libraries (I'm thinking mainly of a 
> library package which is only used with one package, eg 
> libmagick/imagemagick), is it acceptable to have only libc6 libraries 
> (aka no `g', no altdev, only libmagick compiled libc6) ?

I think that's ok.


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