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Re: trouble making a package

>>>>> "Will" == Will Lowe <lowe@cis.udel.edu> writes:

    Will> Last question: Do I need to keep the source tree around in
    Will> anticipation of the next upstream release?

 Why not learn to use CVS?

    Will>  [...], how will deb-make know that the new .deb should be
    Will> clisp_1997.08.07_2 instead of ..._1?

 You edit the debian changelog file.  Use the Emacs mode; it's the
simplest way to get it right.  The packaging tools get that number
from there.

    Will> And how do I generate a debian-changes file for the new
    Will> release that includes the changes from the first release,
    Will> etc. without keeping all the source tree on my disk?

 That is also generated from information in the changelog file, AFAIK.

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