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Re: trouble making a package (one other dumb question)

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Will Lowe wrote:
> > any way the Makefiles,  except to modify the clisp_whatever/debian/rules
> > makefile,  right?
> That's up to you.  Sometimes a small change to the Makefile makes the
> package easier to maintain.

Ok.  In this case,  the makefile is generated automagically by
./configure,  and then requires some hand-editing to include the proper
modules.  Maybe I'll make a "configure: " target in the rules file,  so I
can just make configure and then fix the makefile.  

Last question:  Do I need to keep the source tree around in anticipation
of the next upstream release?  That is,  now I've got a
/usr/local/debian/clisp-1997.08.07/ tree on my disk that contains all the
relevant clisp source and debian control files,  etc. ... next time I go
to create a debian package of clisp (like when they release the new X11
libc6 packages),  how will deb-make know that the new .deb should be
clisp_1997.08.07_2 instead of ..._1?  And how do I generate a
debian-changes file for the new release that includes the changes from the
first release,  etc. without keeping all the source tree on my disk?

				Thanks for the help.

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