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Re: Uploaded xkeycaps 2.38-2 (source i386) to chiark

On Sep 12, Joey Hess wrote
> J.H.M. Dassen  wrote:
> >    * Conflict with libc5 Xaw packages. xkeycaps is linked against libc6 Xaw,
> >      but a libc5 Xaw might be loaded by ld.so .
> That should never happen. In my tests with nextaw, I didn't not see this
> happenning, if I run a libc5 program on a system with only libc6 nextaw,
> it doesn't use nextaw.

Yes, but that is the other way around: the libc6 nextaw is explicitly linked
against libc6 (-Wl,shared ... -lc) , and ld.so knows this (check with ldd on
the nextaw lib). In the case of libc5, the old nextaw, xaw3d and xaw95 are
not explicitly linked against libc5.

> Did you actually experience this problem?

Yes. Install the xaw3d from stable (with --force-conflicts), put it in
/etc/ld.so.conf before the other xaws, ldconfig and ldd
/usr/X11R6/bin/xkeycaps.real : you'll see it resolves to the xaw3d
libXaw.so.6, which is for libc5.

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