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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> In fact, the entity which is being threatened with legal action is
> cdrom.com. These folks ARE making a profit from the sale of "this"
> package. It still isn't clear to me why xtetris == Tetris[tm], but I have
> no legal training what-so-ever, and so don't feel qualified to judge that
> issue. SPI has legal councel and I have not heard his oppinion on this
> problem. 

Exactly!  These lawyers are relying on us "lay" persons NOT being
confident enough to stand up to them.  They think we are dummies.  The
fact is, our legal system IS based on certain basic principles, and if
you can turn the case into one about the "right" set of principles, you 
can always win.

HOWEVER!  If the attack is on cdrom.com, then I say, lets not worry about
it being in the debian distribution until they take it off sunsite.  After
all, cdrom.com also mirrors sunsite, or at least produces cdroms with the
contents of sunite on them.

So Debian isnt really under attack at all.

> This is a very sleasy method of indirect extortion, probably seen by the
> lawyers as legitimate protection of their clients "interests".

Right.  And as such, we dont have to respond to it as they wish.  Let them

There is an old saying:

Once you let the nose of the camel in the tent, the rest of his body will
soon follow.  Who wants to share a tent with a stinky camel?  And who will
be able to keep a camel out that already has its nose in the tent?  Truly
something to think about.

Good Day.

Jonathan Walther

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