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Re: Changes in source for different distributions

Douglas Bates wrote:

> To compile under "hamm" I would like to make a small change in the
> source.  If the library /usr/lib/libieee.a is available, it should be
> linked with the executable.  This library is available in hamm from
> the package libc6-dev.  As far as I can tell it is not available for
> bo.

libieee.a is a dummy library, AFAIK.  The linux libc has been
ieee-complient for a long time.  The reason that bo's libc5 lacks it is
because it isn't necessary.

Bo's gcc has an edited specs file, to reflect the fact that gcc's -mieee
flag does not imply -lieee.  Since libc6 added a libieee.a, this editing
is no longer necessary in hamm.

> BTW, can anyone tell me where I could find documentation on that
> library?  I don't see much in /usr/doc/libc6-dev/* referring to that
> library.  Does linking it simply force the floating point arithmetic
> to comply the IEEE floating point standard?  (This would be a "good
> thing".)

I believe that's what it did...but, as I said, linux's library already
works that way.  If I'm wrong about any of this, the real experts should
feel free to correct me.


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