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Changes in source for different distributions

Earlier I mentioned that I was trying to create a Debian package for a
statistical program.  I have now been successful in creating the
package under "bo".  For those who may be interested, it is the
xlispstat system by Luke Tierney and the package files, relative to
"bo", are in
I would appreciate suggestions and constructive criticism if you have
the time to look.

To compile under "hamm" I would like to make a small change in the
source.  If the library /usr/lib/libieee.a is available, it should be
linked with the executable.  This library is available in hamm from
the package libc6-dev.  As far as I can tell it is not available for

My question is, which version of the sources should I package - the
one with -lieee listed in the Makefile or the one without?

BTW, can anyone tell me where I could find documentation on that
library?  I don't see much in /usr/doc/libc6-dev/* referring to that
library.  Does linking it simply force the floating point arithmetic
to comply the IEEE floating point standard?  (This would be a "good

Douglas Bates                            bates@stat.wisc.edu
Statistics Department                    608/262-2598
University of Wisconsin - Madison        http://www.stat.wisc.edu/~bates/

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