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Re: Changes in source for different distributions

Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net> writes:

> libieee.a is a dummy library, AFAIK.  The linux libc has been
> ieee-complient for a long time.  The reason that bo's libc5 lacks it is
> because it isn't necessary.

I don't think this is quite true.  At least in some of the software
projects I work on we have had to use
#include <fpu_control.h>
to get the IEEE specified behaviour for floating point exceptions.
In /usr/include/i386/fpu_control.h on a "bo" system the definition of
_FPU_DEFAULT is different from _FPU_IEEE.

> Douglas Bates wrote:

> > BTW, can anyone tell me where I could find documentation on that
> > library?  I don't see much in /usr/doc/libc6-dev/* referring to that
> > library.  Does linking it simply force the floating point arithmetic
> > to comply the IEEE floating point standard?  (This would be a "good
> > thing".)

I should be more specific on what I meant by my question.  Does
linking with -lieee on an i386 system result in setting the floating
point unit control word to the _FPU_IEEE value?  There seems to have
been some changes in /usr/include/fpu_control.h that indicate that
IEEE behaviour is now the default.
Douglas Bates                            bates@stat.wisc.edu
Statistics Department                    608/262-2598
University of Wisconsin - Madison        http://www.stat.wisc.edu/~bates/

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