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Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

>>"Brandon" == Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@mail.wm.edu> writes:

Brandon> If a user ignores your warnings not to install this on a non
Brandon> 2.0 system (this is the part I forgot), and they remove a
Brandon> package from 1.3 that has a call to install-info, there will
Brandon> be an error.  The probability of this happening is about
Brandon> 0.1%, and it is against our suggestions, so you have it
Brandon> covered.

	Right. We make it very hard to install it on a non-2.0 system
 (like having it depend on a dpkg that is not provided in a non
 2.0 machine). (We could make it even harder, by having the initial
 experimental version have a spurious dependency on libc6-dev [let 'em
 try installing that on a pre-2.0 machine ;-]. Or even harder, by
 having the pre-inst chack whether dpkg is old and has an ancient

	I would at this point volunteer writing this new dinstall-info
 script, except
 a) Someone already volunteered
 b) Since install-info currently is in dpkg, it would need
    coordination with dpkg maintainers (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson)
    who also may want to be the ones writing the new script.
 c) Judy and I just got a signed contract to buy a house, and we are
    looking at remodelers, movers, furniture stores, etc, and slowly
    going insane ;-), I would hate to have this interfere.

	I do have tons of ideas on this, anyway, modeled on
 menu. Klee? Ian? The erstwhile volunteer, whose name I have forgotten
 (bad, bad manoj)?

 waiting to revolutionize install-info
 If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution
 inevitable. John F. Kennedy
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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