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Re: Who knows stuff about WAN cards?

>>>>>>>> On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Amos wrote:

 Amos> [ recommandations for SDL and Emerging Technologies deleted for
 Amos> bravity ]
 Amos> I know of at least 3 Sangoma 508 boards running at 64Kb
 Amos> frame-relay, and about to install one in my home machine soon.
 Amos> Their web site (http://www.sangoma.com) shows relatively new
 Amos> boards with CSU/DSU included, but I was worried that the
 Amos> standards here in Israel possibly being a little different and
 Amos> so it isrisky to get this part integrated - you might want to
 Amos> check the service in your area before ordering.
 Amos> BTW, Sangoma are the people who donated (and apparently still
 Amos> maintain) the WAN support to Linux.
 Amos> (Debian related - two of the three running cards (and my home
 Amos> machine) use it under Debian "bo" release, the other one runs
 Amos> RedHat).
 Amos> Hope this helps,

I would also recommend to look at the "Incarda" router card, it's about the
same price (if I am not mistaken) as Sangoma. The reason why I prefer to use
it is because it's completely independent router with hardware firewalls and
other Ip filters, and all the routing compatibilities are already in the card
so you don't have to waste computer resources on building firewalls and
running gated.

It is managed by telnet (the only thing that card takes
from the computer is power, it is not related to the software that runs
on the computer) or menu based dos program.

The site is http://www.sourcecom.com/ 
products: http://www.sourcecom.com/pub/products/products.htm

There are also external models (same card just in small box and power
supply) which CSU/DSU support. (this product family is called "InRoute")

Good Luck,
Boris D. Beletsky                          borik@debian.org
Network Administrator                   borik@cs.huji.ac.il
Institute of Computer Science,          borik@isracom.co.il
Hebrew University                      Home: +972 2 6411880
Jerusalem Israel                       Work: +972 2 6585690

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