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Re: /etc/nntpserver or /etc/news/server ?

Scott K. Ellis wrote:
> I understand the latest draft of the debian policy lists /etc/nntpserver
> as the proper name.  That seems to be the better choice, as it is more
> standardized.


[ Moving this to debian-devel because now I have implementation questions. ]

Slrn used to use /etc/news/server. For a while now it's been using
/etc/nntpserver. Some other news readers still use /etc/nntp/server, so it's
not prudent to delete it, which slrn's postinst currently does (bug #12478).
So I'm about to change the slrn package so it does not remove
/etc/news/server, but instead makes it a symlink to /etc/nntpserver.

So in the long run, how do we ever get rid of /etc/news/server? We have to
leave it for backwards compatability, it seems. :-(

see shy jo

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