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Re: Who knows stuff about WAN cards?

In message <[🔎] 9709041824.AA20834@sun10.sep.bnl.gov.sep> you write:
|Pete Templin wrote:
|> Hi there!!
|> I'm doing some network consulting for a computer store, and we'd like to
|> connect the store LAN to the Internet through a 56k or T1 connection.  If
|> possible, we'd like to save the expense of the router and perhaps the
|> CSU/DSU if possible.
|Very possible.
|> I think I've seen some adds in network magazines for WAN cards.  Are any
|> of you using them?  If so, can you tell me about driver compatibility?
|> Does it replace the CSU/DSU, or did you still have to rent/buy one?  What
|> sort of interface options did you have to select from (I've heard that
|> different telco boxes have different interface types)?
|I've used the SDL 56k and T1 boards. Buoy.com is currently running
|on the T1 board. I have a 56k card to sell... :)

[ recommandations for SDL and Emerging Technologies deleted for
bravity ]

I know of at least 3 Sangoma 508 boards running at 64Kb frame-relay,
and about to install one in my home machine soon.  Their web site
(http://www.sangoma.com) shows relatively new boards with CSU/DSU
included, but I was worried that the standards here in Israel possibly
being a little different and so it is risky to get this part
integrated - you might want to check the service in your area before

BTW, Sangoma are the people who donated (and apparently still
maintain) the WAN support to Linux.

(Debian related - two of the three running cards (and my home machine)
use it under Debian "bo" release, the other one runs RedHat).

Hope this helps,


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