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lambdamoo-core and lamdamoo-server virtual packages plus, moo user

1. I propose that two items be added to the virtual package list:

lambdamoo-core		A lambdamoo - compatable database package.
lambdamoo-server	Runs a moo using a lambdamoo-core.

What I need this for is my lambdamoo package, which needs to 
Recommend: lambdamoo-core so it will have a core file to use. Currently,
there are two lambdamoo-core packages, but there is a potential for a lot
more to be packaged.

It's also possible that someone will want to package up an alternate
lambdamoo server (there are several), which is why I suggest
lambdamoo-server, which the lambdamoo-core packages would depend on. The 
need for that isn't as pressing.

2. Running these lambdamoo servers as root (which I do now!) is not a good 
idea. I could run them as nobody, or as daemon or some other user, or a new 
user could be added to base-passwd. Suggestions?

(Aside to SirDibos: Yes, I saw that conversation on #debian after I left.
Thanks for bringing the wiz in.)

see shy jo

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