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Re: Distributed *.deb

I don't really like the idea of installing software into different
paths depending upon where it is installed.  It reminds me too much
of Windows 95/DOS where each application has to ask where it is
installed.  And then other packages can't rely on a particular file to 
always be at a certain place.

Perhaps it might be cleaner, but more complicated to build into dpkg,
if dpkg could be made aware of "status" files on remote servers (on
read-only filesystems) and it could "install" the remotely installed
packages by inserting symlinks into the filesystem.

The nfsroot package does something similar to that to allow multiple
clients to share system and config files.

Of course, there are severe problems to consider.  How does the client
keep it's symlinks synchronized with the remote servers?  

Maybe symlinks aren't the answer - perhaps a union filesystem might be 
more useful.  If dpkg could be rigged up to "share" status files, and
configure something like a union filesystem - that might be pretty


 - Jim

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