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Who knows stuff about WAN cards?

Hi there!!

I'm doing some network consulting for a computer store, and we'd like to
connect the store LAN to the Internet through a 56k or T1 connection.  If
possible, we'd like to save the expense of the router and perhaps the
CSU/DSU if possible.

I think I've seen some adds in network magazines for WAN cards.  Are any
of you using them?  If so, can you tell me about driver compatibility?
Does it replace the CSU/DSU, or did you still have to rent/buy one?  What
sort of interface options did you have to select from (I've heard that
different telco boxes have different interface types)?

Thanks for your help,


Peter J. Templin, Jr.                   Client Services Analyst
Computer & Communication Services       tel: (717) 524-1590
Bucknell University			templin@bucknell.edu

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