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Re: Distributed *.deb

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

Jim> Perhaps it might be cleaner, but more complicated to build into
Jim> dpkg, if dpkg could be made aware of "status" files on remote
Jim> servers (on read-only filesystems) and it could "install" the
Jim> remotely installed packages by inserting symlinks into the
Jim> filesystem.

A solution for a substantially smaller problem would be if dpkg (like
rpm) had a notion of `netshared path', ie. that it could recogninze
certain paths (for instance /usr/share) as something that was not a
local filesystem but mounted from somewhere else. 

The implication is that it should not try to mess with files on
netshared paths. If a package wants to install to files, one in
/usr/bin and one in /usr/share (and /usr/share is netshared), it would
only actually install the file to reside in /usr/bin.

I don't know that much about how rpm handles it in details (and there
is of course tons of details to sort out, and I know that the rpm
implementation is all but flawless).

At least our system is a quite complicated mess of things being local
or NFS mounted depending on both machine type and disk configuration.

Am I mistaken about dpkg not having strategies for dealing with
parts of the filesystem being readonly NFS mounted?

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