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Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

On 1 Sep 1997, Raja R Harinath wrote:

> More info:
> The check for Debian's install-info is made in _EVERY_ Makefile
> generated by a recent GNU `automake' (I originally mentioned only Cygnus
> packages).
>   Sun May  4 15:21:22 1997  Tom Tromey  <tromey@cygnus.com>
> 	  * texinfos.am (install-info): Avoid the Debian install-info.
> 	  (uninstall-info): Likewise.
> Since `automake' "handles" the problem, a lot of GNU packages actually
> don't face a problem.  But, users face the problem that their `dir' file
> isn't (mysteriously) updated on Debian systems.

Now this makes a big difference.  If GNU already handles our install-info
program, then things can go on the back burner.

> Also, `install-info' is a relatively new GNU tool, which may not be
> widely used in GNU utils _not_ using `automake'.

Hmm... I wasn't aware it was so new.  If this is the case, maybe they are
open to changes.

> Since the problem isn't as bad as originally thought, we could just
> ignore it.

I wouldn't ignore it, but it probably doesn't deserve as much attention as
I was giving it.

> I would, however, like a fix.  Maybe by passing the buck to
> FSF/texinfo/configure@cygnus.com, asking them to change the interface of
> `install-info'.  Maybe by fixing Debian's install-info.  Maybe both.

If they are open to a major change, maybe this would be easier.  Does
anyone feel like talking to the GNU people?  Does anyone know the
specifics on how hard it would be to merge the two if we have some
cooperation from GNU?

Thanks for the info Raja,

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