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Re: upstream author asks not to do a package

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> I expressed interest in doing a package of a particular product
> to the author, and he asked me not to do a package, but
> noted that the license says I am free to anyway if I want to.
> He specifically asked if I was associated with Debian
> (it is mentioned in my .signature). I have not heard back
> from him why yet, but I don't want to do a package against
> his wishes, even if we can. Has anyone else ever had an
> experience like this? Why would an author be against a package
> of his software?

Strange.  What was the package?

Maybe he doesn't like us?  

Or, maybe he feels that he doesn't have the proper "control" over his 
creation if other people package it up for him.  Of course, that is
an odd position to take if you are a free software author.

Or, maybe he doesn't feel his software product is mature enough for wide
distribution - and doesn't want to have to handle all the complaints,
feature requests, and user support.  That's fair.

Or, maybe the product has done some things that are legally dubious.  
Putting it into wide distribution may expose the author to litigation that
probably wouldn't happen if he stays "small time". 

As a maintainer, I wouldn't go against his requests -- unless the package
was a fairly important one.  Even then, I'd try to get approval.


 - Jim

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