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Re: Uploaded kernel-package 3.38 (source all) to master

I would vote on integrating all files that are new on various
architectures or are in 'arch', since they won't break anything, into
the kernel package.
All changes to common files should then be put into a patch and the
patch is aplied during installation.

With time the patches should be included in the upstream kernel sourcen
and only unstable/experimental stuff should remain in the patch files.

I would love to have one kernel package that works for everyone, but
that would take too long (probably for ever) and is noway workable
within the next weeks/months.

So, anybody for it, against it? Any other views, suggestions, proposals?
Let's have a little heated disgussion about this. It has been far to
quiet for such an important issue.

May the source be with you.

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