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Re: The pine base64 bug - policy



Guy Maor has convinced me that it does not matter *at all* whether it is
a bug or a feature:

> > Who decides what is a bug?
> Nobody.  Everybody.  It doesn't matter.  You believe 3253 to be a
> feature request, and I believe it to be a bug.  It stays in the bug
> system either way.

I agree with this. Even more, I think it should be written in 
the policy manuals as soon as possible.

In our case, I consider that being able to *choose* between using base64
or not using it for text attachments would be a useful feature (if only to
close this "bug" once and forever :-) which merits by itself to be on the
tracking system.

I think, however, that the bug tracking system should allow developers to
mark items either as being "bugs" or "feature requests", to start
prioritizing them. What are your plans about this?

So, now that I'm convinced that this should be kept in the bug system, you
may forget all the other "reasons" I gave to close this "bug".
BTW: Would "being a non-free package" be a good reason to have "low
priority", when priorities were introduced in the bug system?

In short: I suppose that Christian or somebody else may write something
like this in the policy manuals: (what follows is just a suggestion)


Every bug will have to be documented in the bug system. You may document
any bug elsewhere if you like (for example, in a file named
/usr/doc/<package>/BUGS.Debian), if it is of common interest, but *in
addition to*, not *instead of* the bug system.

Until we have a "wish tracking system", every feature request will have
to be as well in the bug system, if it is reasonable enough.


I'm sure this could save us a lot of future discussions.

> The fact that the upstream authors have been informed about this bug
> means that it should be marked `forwarded'.  This will stop the nag
> messages.

Let's hope...

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