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Re: Spice copyright

On Aug 26, Philippe Troin wrote:
> I finally got an answer from UCB about Spice's copyright.
> Enclosed is my correspondence with the UCB people.
> They say that spice's copyright is described at:
> 	http://hera.eecs.berkeley.edu/~software/software.agree.html
> Which says:


>     1. The licensee agrees not to charge for the University of 
> California
>        code itself. The licensee may, however, charge for additions,
>        extensions, or support.


> It then seems to me that spice can be packaged in Debian main 
> distribution.
> What do others think ?

The above part makes it non-free, because vendors can charge for the CD
whatever they want.

There was another part I didn't understand, something about "signing" the
license. I don't know about the implications, but I think one agrees to the
license when installing the program or so, therefore no real "signing" with
pencil or sim. is necessary ?


"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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