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Re: Way to switch easily (Was: Re: Egcs, gcc, and Debian)

> Imagine something as big as XFree looking for gcc and finding the link
> to egcc. It hapyly thinks that it has gcc and uses options egcc doesn't

hehe.  Imagine something as big as XFree actually using configure. :-)

(XFree uses Imake, always has, and though I've actually written some
stuff on how to convert all of X over to autoconf, I don't expect it
to ever happen...  thus, the only one "finding" the link is the human
who frobs with the config files.) 

Seriously, I think installing egcs as egcs (or egcc, whatever) makes
sense, and if you have a Makefile that uses naked 'cc', well, *it's
wrong*, but you've got a Makefile, so you can *fix* it.  It's a few
seconds with an editor...

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