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Re: Way to switch easily (Was: Re: Egcs, gcc, and Debian)

Shaya Potter wrote:

> On Tue 19 Aug 1997, Emilio Lopes <Emilio.Lopes@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE>
> wrote:
> > My two Pfennige here: /usr/bin/gcc should *always* be GCC.
> > /usr/bin/egcc should *always* be EGCC. /usr/bin/cc can be either GCC
> > or EGCC, acording to the sysadmin wishes.
> >
> > If this can't be achived with update-alternatives, the solution with
> > environment vars seems ok to me.
> >
> > /opt is a poor "solution". It's a lazy hack and it's not compatible
> > with the (high) Debian quality-standards.
> >
> I don't thinks a symlink solution would be neccesary. i.e. I believe
> egcs is
> going to support the gcc method of callind different compilers. i.e.
> -V and
> - -b, so a shell script that acts as a wrapper for gcc and egcs and
> pgcc or
> whatever else comes around can be made to call gcc with the right
> options, so
> the right compiler is used.  We can then use the same system we are
> using with
> altgcc.

It may not be that simple.  egcc accepts new options which don't exist
on gcc, and in the future may lose options which gcc needs.  For now you
can use "gcc -b i486-pc-linux-gnu" to run egcs via the normal gcc
frontend (minus a few new options), but that may not be true next week.

I've decided emilio has the best idea.  If I've got to use
update-alternatives, I'll use it on cc and c++.  gcc will always be gcc,
egcc will be egcs until it becomes the standard gcc package.

Any objections before I start?


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