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Re: svgalib libc6 (was: GS alladin 5.02 is out)

> Let's give the svgalib hackers a few more weeks, and if they don't come
> forward, we'll abandon svgalib. Would be perfect with me, but I'm sure
> many people are going to send me hate-mail now.

I may be saying something stupid. Please forgive me if that is the case.

Since there is a svgalib-dummy which can be used as a replacement for
svgalib-realthing we can twist things around and compile all programs
with svgalib-dummy-dev. Then, if/when svgalib-realthing is released, those
people who need it can just install it and replace the svgalib-dummy lib.

In other words, let's make svgalib-dummy the standard lib and
svgalib-realthing the special-interest replacement.


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