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PPP question (unsolved in the debian-user list)

The question was posted in the debian-user list. But nobody seems to be
able to answer it so far. Hopefully can find an answer here.

Here's the question:

To make a ppp connection, one typically uses the following command:

  pppd connect <p> [other options ...]

where <p> is an executable or shell command that sets up the serial line,
typically using chat(8).

I've able to establish connection when use chat directly from the pppd
command line, that is:

 <p> = chat -v blah blah blah blah


 <p> = chat -v -f my_chat_script_file_containing_blah_blah_blah_blah

However, I was unable to connect when used chat from a shell script, i.e.

 <p> = chat_shell_script

where chat_shell_script is a shell script, looks like:


  /usr/sbin/chat -v blah blah blah blah

The entire ppp.log is as follow:

Aug  5 14:13:52 huif pppd[11950]: pppd 2.2.0 started by hhuang, uid 1000
Aug  5 14:13:53 huif pppd[11950]: Connect script failed
Aug  5 14:13:53 huif pppd[11950]: Exit.

Those blah blah blah blah expect-send pairs have been proven to be
working. Also the file chat_shell_script has been set executable, and is
too simple to have any syntax error. (So don't ask trivial questions) 

According to PPP-HOWTO, /usr/doc/ppp/README.linux, and the sample scripts
(ppp-on, ppp-on-dialer, redialer) that come with the ppp source package
(not included in the debian ppp binary package), this should work. I
suspect some functionalities of debian's ppp or bash have been diabled.
Any idea what I'm missing? 


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