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Re: PPP question (unsolved in the debian-user list)

> (So don't ask trivial questions) 

Well, I'm going to anyway ;-)

  Have you tried that with a full path to the chat script ?


Just to make this slightly more helpful I'll describe my setup.  I use this 
connect option as part of the command line (via diald admittedly, but that 
should make no odds):

  connect "/etc/ppp/ppp-diald-chat ${site}"

which causes this script to be run:

---- /etc/ppp/ppp-diald-chat
  if [ "-v" = "$1" ] ; then
    verbose=-v ; shift
  /usr/sbin/chat $verbose -f /etc/ppp/diald.chat-$1

and /etc/ppp/diald.chat-sitename contains the relevant chat script (I need the 
${site} stuff because I have 12 ppp/diald links running like this).

BTW what versions of all the packages (ppp, diald etc) are you running ?

Cheers, Phil.

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